Practice Management for the Wise Lawyer

Server Requirements - Recommended system requirements

For the best performance of your software or when you are using Wise Owl Legal software with more than six users, the Wise Owl recommends:

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • CPU: 4 cores, 2GHz+, 64 bit
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HDD: solid state drive for system data
  • HDD: 200GB+, RAID1 / RAID5 / RAID10
  • Local Backup: ShadowProtect backup to external HDDs (minimum 3 disks, 1TB in size) OR network storage
  • Remote Backup: ShadowProtect backup to remote location
  • Internet: high speed broadband
  • Admin Access:  Specific administrative access to Wise Owl is required for installation and subsequent updates and support
  • Database: SQL Express 2012 Standard Edition
  • SSL Certificate is required

Wise Owl Legal's Technical Requirements

Minimum system requirements – for up to 6 users

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2012 Essentials
  • CPU: 2 cores, 64 bit
  • RAM:  3.5GB (virtual), 4GB (physical)
  • HDD: 50GB, Minimum RAID1 (mirroring for data security)
  • Backup: Windows Server Backup to external HDDs (minimum 3 disks, 500GB in size)
  • Internet: a broadband internet connection is required for verifying license, downloading updates and remote support
  • Admin Access: Specific administrative access to Wise Owl is required for installation and subsequent updates and support
  • Database: SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
  • SSL Certificate is required
  • This machine must be dedicated to housing the Wise Owl Database and must NOT be used as a workstation for staff.

Web Browser

Your web browser is the most important component to consider when using Wise Owl Legal. With the latest web browser, even a relatively old computer can use Wise Owl Legal.

Important: You should always keep your web browser up to date. New versions are released frequently and contain important security fixes, performance improvements and additional features. But always check with your IT department before upgrading your web browser, as the upgrade may cause problems with other websites you use.

Wise Owl Legal is developed using the current HTML5 web standards. It should work on any modern web browser supporting HTML5. However, the following web browsers are officially supported in Wise Owl Legal (on desktop and mobile devices):

  1. Internet Explorer 

  • Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7; Microsoft Edge in Windows 8 & Windows 10.
  • Automatic spell checking is required for Windows 7. 
  • Please Note that Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer. All new features and development from Microsoft is being made to Microsoft Edge. We recommend Wise Owl Legal users using Internet Explorer switch to either Firefox or Chrome.  Otherwise you will need to move to Windows 10 and use Microsoft Edge (Microsoft's new platform).

          2. Mozilla Firefox versions up to 6 months old

  • As new versions of Firefox are released every 6-8 weeks, we only support versions released in the last 6 months. We recommend upgrading to the most current version as soon as it becomes available.
  • The most current Firefox Extended Support Release is also supported for 12 months after release.
  • There are portable versions of Firefox available from PortableApps which do not require administrative rights to install. 
  • Australian English dictionaries are available for download. We recommend installing the en-GB version of Firefox for best language support.

         3. Google Chrome versions up to 6 months old

  • As new versions of Chrome are release every 6-8 weeks, we only support versions released in the last 6 months. We recommend upgrading to the most current version as soon as it becomes available.
  • Chrome does not require administrative rights to install.
  • Australian English dictionaries are installed by default, but may require manual activation.

          4. Apple Safari 5.1 or newer

  • Safari is recommended for Macintosh computers and iPhone / iPad devices. 
  • Although Safari works under Microsoft Windows, other browsers are usually a better alternative.

Other web browsers may work with Wise Owl Legal, but they have not been extensively tested. You may receive a pop-up warning screen if you use an unsupported or untested web browser. Wise Owl helpdesk staff may not be able to provide support if you are using an untested web browser; you will be asked to use a supported browser instead.  Javascript and cookies must be enabled in your web browser for the Wise Owl Legal site.​

Tablet and Phone Devices

Wise Owl Legal is primarily designed for use on desktop system. While some support for iOS and Android based devices is available, we do not recommend using mobile devices for day-to-day usage. Support is best on tablet sized devices. Data entry is particularly troublesome and we recommend using tablet devices for viewing and accessing documents only.

In particular, the following Wise Owl Operations are not supported on tablet and phone devices:

  • Trust Accounting data entry

Supported devices:

Any device that has access to a browser, including:

  • Tablets (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Google) 
  • Smart Phones

General Requirements
Wise Owl Legal has specific requirements to function correctly and optimally. If your computer does not meet these requirements, Wise Owl Legal may function with reduced speed, functionality or not function at all. The Wise Owl Legal cannot provide support unless your computer meets these requirements. 

Wise Owl Legal Software requires frequent updates to be applied.  Due to this Wise Owl Legal Pty Ltd requires remote access to your server at the administrator level on an ongoing basis.  Our routine updates are automated.

Use of our Documents Module and Outlook Helper Module requires Office 2013 or later.  This is due to the cloud enabling enhances in Office 2013.  If you subscribe to Office 365 you will stay update date permanently.   


Wise Owl legal will usually supply a ready to go environment, either in a physical environment shipped to your premises, or a hosted environment stored in our secure Australian data-centre.

Should you wish to install Wise Owl Legal on your own server or obtain a dedicated server, please refer to our server requirements later on this page.You must contact the Wise Owl Legal Helpdesk to confirm your server will be able to run Wise Owl Legal. We cannot guarantee Wise Owl Legal will run on your server without reviewing your purchase order or existing environment.